December 18, 2009

How many organic dogggy biscuits can you eat in 5 minutes?

We had an unusual e-mail from Mike in Reston, Virginia. Mike was organizing a fundraiser for the Siberian Husky Rescue Fund. He wanted to eat Organic Doggy Kitchen's doggy biscuits and have people guess how many cookies he can eat in 5 minutes and pledge money per biscuits he'll be eating. So we offered to send Mike a sample of our biscuits for tasting. I personally like to munch on our Cheese Biscuits, Mike thought he would enjoy Peanut Butter & Banana, but after tasting the samples, he decided to go with Apple Cinnamon.

So can you guess how many cookies Mike ate in 5 minutes?

15 pieces!!

December 1, 2009

Special Treats for Hanukkah Dogs

Organic Doggy Kitchen's Holiday Cookies are available now! The wheat-free honey & oats cookies are available only this time of the year. They come with either red/green Christmas label or blue/silver Hanukkah label. If you have doggy friends who celebrates Hanukkah, our Holiday Cookies would be a perfect gift for them!

November 30, 2009

New Packages! Same Great Taste!!

Today we would like to introduce new packages of Organic Doggy Kitchen biscuits. Don't worry, we didn't make any changes to the delicious biscuits. The cookies are exactly the same recipe, it's just the packages. We are using resealable rice paper bags for your convenience. Peanut Butter & Banana and Apple Cinnamon cookies come in a little bigger sizes, too. They are bone-shaped, and has a line in the middle so that you can snap them into two pieces. We hope you will enjoy the new looks of delicious Organic Doggy Kitchen biscuits! When you buy them from our Amazon storefront, you'll get the freshest batch of cookies baked within 7 days!

April 16, 2009

The Amazing Leroy's Birthday Party

It's been a while since our last Blog, time flies! Our year started with the Amazing Leroy's birthday party catering. He again had many party guests including Andrew from the Greatest American Dog show, and the party theme was Hollywoof! We came up with star themed doggy goodies for Leroy and his friends, which were all gone by the end of the party.

December 17, 2008

Welcome Mozart - Feline Team Member!

We are very happy to announce that Organic Doggy Kitchen now has a feline team member :) Our marketing director recently welcomed this special boy kitty to her home. She was looking for a home for him for a long time on her sister's behalf, but finally decided to keep him with her. Everybody at Organic Doggy Kitchen is very happy about her decision because animal shelters everywhere have increase in the animal give-ups due to the economy. Congratulations! Now that we have Mozart on board, we have to start working on creating delicious treats for our feline friends. If you are looking for animals to welcome to your house, please consider adopting, check out PetFinder website to locate a homeless animals near you!